Your Personal Vault and Tools

My Acount

Get 24/7 access to your personal tax Vault.
Upload documents, view and download a copy of your tax return.
Documents are transmitted and kept with bank-level security and industry standard encryption.

How to use your Vault


From your entry page you can:

  • Log in to your personal Vault.
  • Allows you to log in with your username and password.
    Upload documents and download your return.
  • Get information how to use your Vault.
  • Easy instructions to follow.
  • Have access to optional worksheets.
  • For your convenience should you choose to use them.
  • INITIATE Tax Preparation.
  • After you have provided all tax documents, such as;
    W2, 1099’s, 1098,’s, or other required documents,
    use this form to notify us to start preparing your return.

    Once ready we will discuss with you the results and make adjustments if needed. We will not proceed with e-filing until you have authorized us to e-file.

    Upon completion we will email you the E-File authorization for you to sign.


We offer optional worksheets to help you organize and save on your computer.

Step 1 Click on the worksheet of your choice.
Step 2 Save to your computer.
Step 3 Open worksheet, complete and re-save to your computer.

When you have your entire documentation ready, upload them all together to Source Documents in your Vault (see Upload Documents).


Step 1 Click “log in to personal Vault”.
Step 2 Sign in to your Vault with your email address (username) and password.

If you want the Vault to remember your username and password, select
"Stay signed in".

First time log in (only the first time to set your own email and password)

- Enter the temporary email address and password.
- Click on My Info link located at upper right corner.
- Go to User Settings located to the right and change the password.
Make sure to follow the instructions as to what the minimum password requirement is.
- Change your temporary email by clicking on the Change Email (to the left of your screen), and update your email address and reenter your new password and save changes.
After signing out you will receive a confirmation email directly from SmartVault.
- Upon receipt, simply click the link to activate your new email address.

Any time you want to access your Vault, go to


After signing in you will see your Personal Vault with your last and first name.
Click on your Personal Vault to enter and you will see TY (Tax Years).
Click on the appropriate tax year (for example 2015 will be TY15).
Inside the file you will see three files: (a) Source Documents, (b) Tax Returns
and (c) Organizer which is only used upon request.
To move backward inside your Vault use the file path near the top of the screen
under the umbrella.


Step 1 Click on the appropriate tax year.
Step 2 Click on Source Documents.
Step 3 Click upload file(s) to open Upload Window.
Step 4 Drag and drop files to the Upload Window or click Browse to find the file to upload.
Step 5 Once the progress bar completes, CLOSE the Upload Window (No need for email notification).


Upon completion, your tax return will be available to you.

Step 1 Click on the appropriate tax year.
Step 2 Click on the Tax Return Folder.
Step 3 Click on your return.
Step 4 Click the Download icon.
Step 5 Save file to your computer.

If you have any problems then contact your tax preparer with your questions.